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Solid Product Alternatives For Travel Toiletries

Being restricted on liquids can be difficult, especially on longer trips.  Sometimes you need more than 3.4 oz of shampoo and other liquid toiletries.  Yes, you could buy something once you get to your destination, but sometimes that new destination has super expensive prices or no brands you prefer.  Replacing some of your liquids with… Continue reading Solid Product Alternatives For Travel Toiletries

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Relaxing Week in St. Thomas USVI

My husband and I took a trip to St. Thomas last week, and it was such a life refresher!  Our lives are constantly busy, and even when we take breaks to travel, it's usually sight-seeing and jam-packed.  This is the first vacation we've taken in awhile that just about relaxing and spending time at the… Continue reading Relaxing Week in St. Thomas USVI


Chic Ways To Wear Leopard Print

My love of leopard print probably stems from my passion for all things vintage.  Or my days as a Mt. Carmel grade school kid, "Go Cheetahs!"  The ladies from decades past really knew how to wear spots, and I love seeing pictures of how they boldly styled this daring print.   Lucky for us, leopard print… Continue reading Chic Ways To Wear Leopard Print

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Vintage Glam Dressing Room Reveal

The time has finally come, it's Dressing Room Reveal Day!  I like to think that everyone was waiting with bated breath for this, so just indulge me.  I've always dreamed of having my own room like this...the ultimate glam-cave just for me, to be creative and get ready.  A few months back, my husband Ryan… Continue reading Vintage Glam Dressing Room Reveal


#TipsForTravel: Flying While Sick

At this time of year, everyone is catching EVERYTHING.  Stomach bugs, the flu, a cold...which can turn into a multitude of other issues like ear infections and strep throat.  Exposure to these illnesses in congested public areas is high, most especially in an airplane.  A tight metal tube full of people ...the odds can seem… Continue reading #TipsForTravel: Flying While Sick

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How I Use Travel To Combat SAD

  It's no secret that I hate winter where I live...the cold temps, the grey skies, snow, the list goes on.  It literally brings down my mood.  A few months after I began college, I started having amped up anxiety issues (including my claustrophobia), would randomly vomit up meals, and feel more anti-social.  Nothing completely… Continue reading How I Use Travel To Combat SAD


Maverick Chocolate Shop

One of my goals for 2019 was to incorporate my other interests, like history and architecture, into my travel blog in new and interesting ways.  So many places around the world are embracing their historic roots in such fun ways and I want to share them with you, even if you aren't a history aficionado. … Continue reading Maverick Chocolate Shop


4 Ways To Wear A Fair Isle Sweater

  Sorry for the short hiatus from the blog.  Between family obligations, the holidays and work, I was swamped.  I did have some time though to think up new and exciting ways to merge my different interests on the blog!  Today's post is one such merger, I hope you enjoy it! With a background in… Continue reading 4 Ways To Wear A Fair Isle Sweater


DIY Holiday Gift Boxes

I've always enjoyed giving gifts, especially making them, but it can get overwhelming when you have so many people to think of.  I don't want to leave anyone out, or not make a thoughtful choice, but it can be hard to think of the perfect individual gift for each person.  Also, it's become more of… Continue reading DIY Holiday Gift Boxes

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Best Places to Visit During the Holiday Season

For many, the most ideal winter vacation is escaping the cold and sitting poolside with a drink (my kind of choice for sure!)  But for those who want to fully embrace the holiday spirit, a little cold weather is worth the magical decor and activities.  Sometimes you can even have the best of both, warm… Continue reading Best Places to Visit During the Holiday Season


Shop Small Businesses This Holiday Season

It's that time of year...when you get your Christmas shopping lists together, and consequently stress over what to get everyone.  Holiday gifts can be stressful and expensive, and most think their loved ones want those shiny new gadgets or whatever is trending.  While it's true that some people might, I know my family and friends… Continue reading Shop Small Businesses This Holiday Season


#TipsForTravel: Wear Your Winter Gear, Don’t Pack It

These boots are made for walking 👢👢👢⁣ Today’s #tipsfortravel is all about winter layers. It’s tough to pack for travel during the winter season with limited suitcase space, especially when traveling by plane✈️ If you have to pack bulky items like a winter coat, boots or sweaters, it’s best to wear these items through the airport and… Continue reading #TipsForTravel: Wear Your Winter Gear, Don’t Pack It


Travel Inspired Bathroom Renovation

The bathroom renovation, except for a couple trim pieces, is finally done!  As standard with any renovation, it definitely took longer than expected, and we encountered a few challenges...but it's done and I'm proud of the work we accomplished.  Pretty much all the renovations we took on for the guest bathroom were a new experience… Continue reading Travel Inspired Bathroom Renovation


Niagara Falls Day Trip

Hello all!  I know it's been a few weeks since I've had a new blog post, my apologies!  I though once fall hit I'd be less busy than this summer, but it seems I'm busier than ever.  Currently the bathroom renovation (among other obligations) has taken up most of my time, and I hope to… Continue reading Niagara Falls Day Trip


The Perfect Fall Travel Destinations in the US

I might be biased because it's my favorite season, but I feel fall is the perfect time to travel in the U.S.  The leaves are rich with color, the temperature is cooling down, and the tourists crowds are at a minimum because schools are back in session.  It's the perfect time for a hike among… Continue reading The Perfect Fall Travel Destinations in the US


Tips for Becoming a Flight Attendant

  I've been hearing alot of buzz lately about several major airlines and their recent hiring spree, so I thought now would be the perfect time for tips on landing that dream flight attendant job!  It's definitely not easy to land a flight attendant position these days, but don't let that discourage you!  Perseverance, patience,… Continue reading Tips for Becoming a Flight Attendant

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Multi-Use Fall Travel Essentials

Fall is finally upon us (my favorite season) and it's the perfect time to travel!  Destinations tend to be less crowded, it's cheaper to travel, and some places have the most gorgeous fall leaves.  However, the weather tends to get a bit crisper, which equals more layers to stay comfortable.  That means that carry-on or… Continue reading Multi-Use Fall Travel Essentials


Tour of Italy, Part 3: Venice

For the final leg of our tour of Italy, we went to Venice, a city worth getting lost in.  We cruised along the lagoon in the packed water bus, the more economical option to arrive at our hotel.  It was a gorgeous, sunny day, the light reflecting off the water, boats and gondolas effortlessly cruising… Continue reading Tour of Italy, Part 3: Venice


Tour of Italy, Part 2: Florence

After our time in Rome, we took the train up to Florence, admiring the countryside as we whizzed by.  I immediately knew I loved the atmosphere of Florence better than Rome when I stepped out of the station.  Florence has a sophisticated small-town presence while still being a bigger city.  The streets weren’t overrun by… Continue reading Tour of Italy, Part 2: Florence


Tour of Italy, Part 1: Rome and the Amalfi Coast

Last week I had the amazing opportunity to bring my family on a whirlwind trip through Italy.  No one besides myself had been, so we had a lot of ground to cover if we wanted to see all that Italy had to offer.  We took 8 days to see 5 cities and it was beautiful,… Continue reading Tour of Italy, Part 1: Rome and the Amalfi Coast


Packing Light: Toiletries

I'm heading to Italy this week and the creative packing skills have begun!  Since I fly stand-by for my travels, meaning I don't check any bags, I'm always trying to find ways to pack lighter.  There are a ton of great products out there for travel, you just have to do a little hunting.  OR! … Continue reading Packing Light: Toiletries


Toronto Weekend Trip

This past weekend, my husband Ryan and I decided since we had a weekend free it would be the perfect time to finally visit Canada. We tried to pick a time of year that was warm and boy did we pick it! Low 90s, sunny and it happened to Canada Day so it was a… Continue reading Toronto Weekend Trip


Tips on Planning A Big Trip

With my husband and I traveling every month, we've become adept at trip planning. Most of our travels are relaxed weekend trips, but we have a couple big trips each year that are chock full of activities. We are the type of people that like to pre-plan in order to feel less stressed during the… Continue reading Tips on Planning A Big Trip


Step Back In Time: Charming Historic Date Spots in Cincinnati 

A couple weekends ago, I had the pleasure of spending date night at The Orchid in Palm Court, the swanky bar and restaurant at the Hilton Netherlands Plaza in Cincinnati.  This hotel is beautifully preserved in its Art Deco splendor, with gilded decor, elaborate chandeliers and fresco ceilings. Being a history and architecture enthusiast, I… Continue reading Step Back In Time: Charming Historic Date Spots in Cincinnati 

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Budget Shopping Guide to Paris

As promised, this is part 2 of my Paris trip, all about our shopping excursions. From the get-go, my friend and I had planned on this trip being focused less on sight-seeing and more on shopping, so we budgeted accordingly. I saved up and had a spending limit in mind, which I thankfully didn't go… Continue reading Budget Shopping Guide to Paris


Paris Trip:  The Sights and All the Feels

This past week, I had the absolute pleasure of traveling with my friend, and fellow flight attendant, to beautiful Paris!  We have both been before, so this trip was more for the shopping and food, and less for the sight-seeing.  I hadn't visited Paris since my time studying abroad in France six years ago, and… Continue reading Paris Trip:  The Sights and All the Feels

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Traverse in Stylish Sandals

Most of my travels through the year, which consist of long weekend trips, require only a little planning, fast packing, and a relaxed itinerary.  However, for our big international trip of the year, careful and detailed planning is a must in our family to keep things going smoothly.  And that includes picking the right wardrobe. … Continue reading Traverse in Stylish Sandals


Scottsdale Weekend Getaway

A couple weekends ago, I had the pleasure of returning to Scottsdale, Arizona for another visit.  Just as our trip two years previous, it was my husband, my mother-in-law and I staying in our family friend's beautiful condo for a long weekend soaking up the desert sun and seeing the sights.  We arrived Friday afternoon,… Continue reading Scottsdale Weekend Getaway


Traverse In Style Store Launched!

So excited to announce that Traverse In Style, my online travel accessory store, has launched!  I've always been excited finding new stylish and functional travel accessories, so I figured, why not sell some myself!  Travel accessories should match your fun and adventurous spirit, so I found some super cute products for you to enjoy. For… Continue reading Traverse In Style Store Launched!

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What Makes a Great Travel Backpack

I'll admit, I've resisted carrying a backpack until quite recently.  I can be a bit picky when it comes to what I wear and use, and I found backpacks bulky and unstylish.  I even forgo a backpack in college. I didn't have to carry as many books as I once did in high school, so… Continue reading What Makes a Great Travel Backpack